Low-level-laser ameliorates and cures tinnitus, Meniere's disease and other inner ear diseases.
Patient experiences and further information on low-level laser therapy.

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Certain diseases and medications can damage the hair cells. But in most cases Tinnitus, Morbus Menière and other ear diseases are a result of too much noise in a short or longer time.


 2016: LLLT now available also in USA Sarasota / Florida. Dr. John Lieurance explains the Lumomed Low-Level-Laser Therapy.

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This website and initiative arose due to laser therapy experience reports of us three patients with the diseases tinnitus, Meniere's disease, hearing loss and hyperacusis. In addition, you can find more detailed reports of inner ear patients and friends of our initiative.According to the current state of knowledge of scholastic medicine (December, 2013) both Tinnitus and morbus Meniere are being presented as irreparable brain or inner ear defects.
We, the sufferes, as well as so many others, weren't willing to give in to the powerlessness of our physicians and have been looking for alternative ways of therapy, independent of one another and at different times. It was by great accident that each of us happened to discover Low Level Laser Therapy by MD Wilden.
With our reports, we want to contribute transparency of the low-level laser therapy (LLLT) in chronic inner ear disorders. We, and many others, LLLT have experienced as very effective. We want to bring the many inner ear sufferers note that not usually experienced by conventional medicine about it.

The state of knowledge of scholastic medicine

The problem of the inner ear patients is a worldwide. Tinnitus and morbus Menière become also in other European countries and in the USA as postmarked incurable. The patients with Psychopharmaca or anti Epileptica etc. usually get supplied, often additional with equipment like Noiser and Masker or similar. Everything is regulated well with that for the doctors as well as for the pharmaceutical manufacturers and the hearing aid industry.
None of the treatments performed by scholastic medicine has the status of proved evidence, even if health administration may pay for some of them!
The leading ENT's says regarding the LLLT, that there are studies that proves LLLT has no effect at Tinnitus.

PUBMED - the U.S. National Library of Medicine shows the effectiveness of soft laser in inner ear disorders.

There is no doubt that LLLT gives the cells the power to regenerate as proved in many cases. The problem is to find the right doses for the nerve cells of the inner ear because there are so many different parameters to define the beam and the application times. And each patient is a special case. Therefore it is much easier, to produce a study with no effect than a study with effect.

All Low-Level-Laser-Studies regarding Tinnitus/Hyperacusis/Morbus Menieres (positive and negative) on Pubmed at actual status.

The following document explains the difficulties when using LLLT.

2011 University of Massachusetts: BIPHASIC DOSE RESPONSE IN LOW LEVEL LIGHT THERAPY - Update.
2013 Michael R. Hamblin, Harvard University medical school: MECHANISMS OF LOW LEVEL LIGHT THERAPY.

We Laser-Therapy patients know it:
The Low-Level-Lasertherapy is a really method giving therapy to the causes of Tinnitus and morbus Meniere's.
Even if this knowledge is withheld and distort by a medical majority.

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