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In June 2007 I, Manfred, opened this website with the report of my Tinnitus.
In January 2008 came the report of Ellen and her LLL-therapy in case of Morbus-Menière and Tinnitus
In May 2008 then came the report about Morbus-Menière of Karl and his experience with 30 doctors before finding Dr. Wilden.

We thought to do more than only write our reports of the Low Level Laser Therapy by Dr. Wilden.
We experienced the therapy to be something very positive and therefore it is our goal that Low Level Laser Therapy by MD Wilden is reasearched upon as to its benefits, medical evidence and economic aspects for the Health Administration in Germany according to German paragraph 135 1 SGB (Social statute-book).

Our efforts took place naturally at the German places.
Here you can get information to our online-petition which started at 01 August 2012 and ended 25 October 2012.
"Patients want new studies of the LLLT with the parameters of Dr. Wilden in case of Tinnitus and morbus Meniere."

This was the answer: "We ask for your understanding that we impartial persons will not vote for assessment of low-level laser therapy by Dr. Wilden."


The existing doctor's treatment of Tinnitus and morbus Menière is for the patients not acceptable.

The problem of the inner ear patients is a worldwide. Tinnitus and morbus Menière become also in other European countries and in the USA as postmarked incurable.

The patients with Psychopharmaca or anti Epileptica etc. usually get supplied, often additional with equipment like Noiser and Masker or similar.
Everything is regulated well with that for the doctors as well as for the pharmaceutical manufacturers and the hearing aid industry.

Especially the severe sufferers will be the losers of this system. Some patients suffer very heavy what led up to a suicide. The most cases are not known by the public.

There is also the end of 2015 no conventional medicine therapy for tinnitus and Meniere's disease.

We try to give hope because of our experience and communicate with friends of the Low-level-laser therapy in all the world.

A life in constant high inner tension, without the possibility of recovery in sleep, that know some tinnitus sufferers.

Chiemsee Chiemsee
With the high-dose low-level laser therapy have
many formerly very sick Tinnitus-patients
achieved that their life is worth living again.
To experience the peace and nature, to feel joy and
pleasure, the patients have achieved in Germany
at the Chiemsee as well as in California, Big Sur,
and other places. Other drinks can also be.




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Morbus Menière Patient Ellen by E-Mail: ellen-manfred@gmx.de
        or by phone: 0049/7461/3575
        or by a letter: Ellen Hartmann, In Hohensteig 24, 78532 Tuttlingen, Germany

Tinnituspatient Manfred by E-Mail:manfred@tinnituspatient.de

Morbus Menière patient Karl with the 30 doctors by E-Mail: kegelhof@gmx.net


If you are a friend of the Laser therapy by Dr. Wilden and if you want to write a own detailed report for this website, please mail to Manfred: manfred@tinnituspatient.de


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