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Leaflet for Low-Level-Laser therapy in chronic inner ear disorders.

What is Low-Level-Laser therapy (LLLT)?

Laser light in the correct quality causes an increased energy supply to the cells. This allows the cells perform strengthened its internal cell-biological processes. One of these processes is the cell repair, an attempt is made by themselves in all body cells. Of course, it is a difference between to reach a skin surface or if the inner ear is to be the target. The aim of radiation is a sufficient amount to bring photons with certain characteristics in the cochlea (cochlea with equilibrium organ). Only this right quality can be described as Low-Level-Laser therapy. This results in that not every laser for any purpose is a low level laser therapy. The effect of Low-Level-Laser-Light to the cellular power plants (mitochondria) and cellular energy is as sure as sunlight causes certain pigment changes in the skin.

The right quality of the laser radiation.

There are several parameters of the quality determination. Wavelengths around 650 nm (visible red light) and 780 nm to 930nm (invisible near infrared) have yet to have the best effect. Longer waves penetrate deeper into the tissue as this shorter. In the tissue, the propagation of the laser light no longer passes linearly, but according to complicated rules. Home Laser are possible to buy with an output from 5mW, this is the 10,000th part of a 50-watt light source. From own experiences and div. Postings we keep at least 30 mw power than necessary. Laser can also be output as a continuous pulsed beam but. Higher power - up to 500 MW - are issued consistently pulsed, there are different pulsings possible. The distance from the laser source, the accuracy, the spread of the laser beam and the radiation reduction through the tissue between them determine the actual light energy to the cochlea. The effect of LLLT on the inner ear cells is such that too little just does nothing and too much an inhibiting effect on the regeneration. In between is an optimal dose. Not every laser treatment can ensure that. Not every home or practice laser achieved due to its construction, the inner ear sufficiently.

Application of LLLT: Proper laser quality and dosage times and breaks are critical to the success of LLLT.

The laser therapy is for the patient generally not as a linear reduction in complaints. Depending on which cell structures just regenerate, results in the kind and appreciable changes. A tinnitus at the beginning of treatment may change to restless, it's a sign of the effectiveness of LLLT, so positive. The hearing sensitivity increases. The prevention of noise pollution for the ear is important to also stress should be avoided. Furthermore, sufficient breaks the laser application are very important. The regeneration takes time, which cannot be replaced by LaserPower. This is especially true for home laser, since so alone the patient determines duration and frequency. A successful LLLT after having a useful regeneration time gives a better biological state of the cochlea and so reduce the discomfort.

Realistic expectations of LLLT in chronic inner ear disorders.

The time for starting an LLLT is normally the case when school medicine and, if necessary, other tests are exhausted, ie often after years. Each tinnitus or Ménière's disease is an individual situation, and if there will come an improvement, is not certain predictable. If one noticed no changes within 6 months after the number of treatments (depends on the base condition) carried out, so this therapy should be considered as unsuccessful. Due to the complex structure of the nerve cells in the inner ear, the repair takes time, because the regeneration takes place in small steps. Quote of an experienced patient:"I think it is important that people know that it can take quite a long time until someone achieves a good improvement. Too many end their therapy, if it does not go to them quite well within 2 to 3 months."
Anyone who tries this regenerative medicine, should be willing to endure it up to the best possible result.

The laser treatment can be used effectively over a long period and still leads even after many years to further improvements.