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Experiencing the Low Level Laser Therapy by Dr. Wilden in case of Tinnitus and Morbus Menière
Patients reports

Overview patients reports:

Manfreds Report
Tinnitus and Hyperacusis.

Ellens report:
Morbus Menière, Tinnitus

Karls report:
Morbus Menière, 30 doctors

Robert Kroll, from tinnitus patient to therapist of low level laser therapy.

Other Dr. Wilden Patients
reports Tinnitus, Morbus Meniere and more.

Dr. WildenVideo
Dr. Wilden and Morbus Menière Patient Ellen meeting Prof. Bankhofer.

Swedish musician Hansi CrossB L O G
Swedish musician Hansi Cross: How I cure my Tinnitus with LLLT.

Belgium musician Roland Bergeys.Video
Belgium musician Roland Bergeys improved very much by LLLT at Amon Kaiser.

Cassandra from Florida.B L O G
Florida, LLLT Healing Morbus Meniere and Tinnitus too.

Rebecca from Australia and Dr. Wilden.B L O G
Australia, Rebecca: Tinnitus and her Lasertherapy.

Dr. Wilden beim Einstellen eines Lasers.Dr. Wildens patients reports till 2013 in Germany.

Praxis Ibiza.Dr. Wildens patients reports from Ibiza starting 2014.

There isn't any scholar therapy for Tinnitus and Morbus Meniere's at the end of 2014 yet either. We Laser-Therapy patients know it:
The Low-Level-Lasertherapy is a really method giving therapy to the causes of Tinnitus and morbus Meniere's.
Even if this knowledge is withheld and distort by a medical majority.

Our patients reports

Despite the fact that each tinnitus and morbus meniere is different from the other, in the healing process induced by low level laser there are many commonalities in the regeneration-process.
Our thorough descriptions give proof of the equal effect of laser therapy and prove clearly the therapeutic effect of laser treatment.

In June 2007 I, Manfred, opened this website with the report of my Tinnitus.
In January 2008 came the report of Ellen and her LLL-therapy in case of Morbus-Menière and Tinnitus
In May 2008 then came the report about Morbus-Menière of Karl and his experience with 30 doctors before finding Dr. Wilden.

The special situation of the musicians

In July 2009 came the very detailed report of a friend and swedish musician and sound technician. Hansi Cross: HOW I AM CURING TINNITUS WITH LOW LEVEL LASER TREATMENT
Many musicians are suffering from Tinnitus!
Because of his tinnitus he had to interrupt for 2 years, before he was able to work more at his new album and at last to finish it.
His own words to that are: I believe it is important that people know that it can take quite long time before one reach good improvements. Too many stop their therapy when they have not become very good after only 2-3 months.
Information around the new album "the thrill of nothingness"

CNN December 28,2009 - Metallica's Lars Ulrich, 46, uses earplugs to protect himself after developing tinnitus