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The Low-Level-Lasertherapie as shown and explained by Dr. Wilden.

Save Your Ears! and A Few Remarks Regarding Tinnitus Retraining Therapy(TRT).

The LLLT at Dr. Wilden.

Dr. Wilden adjusts the laser light source for treatment.The therapeutic course of inner ear disease by the LLLT at Dr. Wilden.
"The two inner ear organs treated daily. The low-level laser light distribution is carried out depending on the severity of each different individual hearing problems.
The LLL light application is made via high quality laser light sources via the ear canal.
The LLL light application takes place in high doses and over a wide area there. Thus the entire organ environment is flooded with high-quality photon energy and excited biostimulativ.
This is a prerequisite for sustainable positive long-term effect of low-level laser therapy.
The treatment time is 15 - 30 minutes per ear.

The patient's head is resting comfortably in a foam-head molding.
The treatment is performed in a comfortable, reclining position.
The correct positioning of the LL-laser light sources is monitored.
The therapy is accompanied throughout by a doctor.
At the beginning of therapy, the respective output situation is detected by means of a pure-tone audiometry.
At the end of therapy the regeneration process is checked by means of a re-tone audiometry.

The radiation field of the laser is a wide area around the cochlea.

After completion of the 5-day therapy remains to reach the optimal therapeutic outcome is a close and for the patient free contact between doctor and patient (telephone consultation or Email).
The treatment is completely painless and contains no risk (eg no risk of infection).

Avoidance of stress is also important for the healing process of laser therapy in any case, continue the ears must be protected from noise."



Important remarks.

The laser therapy is for the patient in general not a linear reduction of complaints.
Depending on which cell structures regenerate just results in the type and appreciable changes.
Also a tinnitus at the beginning of treatment may be more restless. The hearing sensitivity increases.
There may be some time strenuous before a improvement to a lower level uses.
But this effect shows the regeneration for the ear-cells has started and the lower noise-level will come.

The prevention of noise pollution for the ear is important to also stress should be avoided if possible.
Furthermore, breaks of the laser application are very important. The regeneration takes time, which can not be replaced by LaserPower.
This is especially true for home laser, since alone the patient determines duration and frequency.
The correct laser quality and dosage times has most importance to the success of LLLT.