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Important Websites for inner ear patients.
List of LLLT doctors and LLLT home-laser devices.

Links to Websites of Dr. Wilden.

New Praxis of Dr. Wilden in Ibiza / Spain.
The new Home-Laser-Programm of Dr. Wilden Lux Spa Home.
Website Dr. Wilden Lasertherapy.

Medical Office for Lasertherapy
Dr.med.Lutz Wilden
Carrer de Venda de Can Llatzer 9
Local 2A
07814 Santa Gertrudis
Tel.: 0034 / 605 21 5906

Lumomed Lasertechnologie Amon Kaiser.

Lumomed Lasertechnologie Amon Kaiser, Baden-Baden.

New since September 2015:Therapiezentrum Robert Kroll, Hamburg.

New in 2016:Dr. John Lieurance, USA, Sarasota / Florida.

Websites of other Low-Level-Laser-Therapy doctors for Tinnitus and other home laser-devices.

Because we experienced as a very effective low-level laser therapy with Dr. Wilden, this website is dedicated especially of LLLT by Dr. Wilden. This does not exclude that other doctors / medical practitioners who treat with laser therapy achieved also good results. Some advanced therapists announce on their website that they also apply LLLT.
If for whatever reason, you not can get the LLLT or home laser at Dr. Wilden or Lumomed, Mr. Amon Kaiser: When someone says LLLT is not effective, do not believe him, but look for a therapist for this. Even doctors / medical practitioners who have no website or not specify it explicitly, can be there. LLLT is the ability to stimulate the ear for natural regeneration and this continued support.
Whether and to what extent there is a match with the LLLT by Dr. Wilden and how successful may be the respective LLLT, we do not know.

About the Home Lasers by Dr. Wilden Kaiser and Lumomed Amon Kaiser you can view their above web pages for detailed information.
In addition to Dr. Wilden and Lumomed Amon Kaiser there are of course other manufacturer / seller of home lasers for inner ear laser therapy.
The company Konftec from Taiwan has created a comparison of tinnitus home lasers. Whether this comparison is accurate, we can not say. Follow the specifications of the manufacturer websites. Perhaps there are other models.
The Home Laser comparison does not show patients support by telephone or e-mail. This is included at the home devices of Dr. Wilden und Lumomed, Mr. Kaiser. This support can be very important.

The german website contains all Adresses of the other LLLT-Doctors and LLLT-devices.

Important information (September 2015) to the Laserklinikken Anne Harila in Norway.

We know some patients of Anne Harila in Norway. Some of them also were patients of Dr. Wilden or Lumomed Amon Kaiser. So we want to say: It is not right, what the Norway government is doing. Please read what Anne Harila says:
Now the Authorities in Norway will try to punish me for the outside Norway web page laserklinikken.com. They say that this pages are directed to norwegian people, but this pages I had in more than twenty years on internet. And now also laserklinikken.com is destroyed. Many sent mails from different countries and wondering if I am doing tinnitus treatments or not. I am doing all treatments as before, tinnitus, meniere, and all are welcome to my clinic for treatments.

Laserklinikken Anne Harila in Norway.

Telephone +47 67 807 090 Fax +47 67 807 091
E-Mail: laserklinikken@gmail.com .